Boundless Learning, LLC

Boundless Voluntary Product Accessibility Template® (VPAT™) and Accessibility Statement

Product: Boundless Learning LMS­-Integrated Student Courseware

At Boundless, we believe that universal access to quality education is a right, not a privilege. To this end, the text content of all Boundless textbooks—in more than 20 introductory­ college subjects—is always available completely free on our website for anyone to browse, study, and cite.

Our commitment to universal access doesn’t end there, though. We are determined to provide equal and inclusive learning opportunities to all individuals regardless of age, ability, or situation. As a part of that effort, we are constantly working to improve our courseware to eliminate barriers for people with disabilities.

Boundless evaluates accessibility using the standards of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act issued by the United States federal government. The following document reflects the current accessibility of Boundless Learning’s LMS-integrated student courseware, which encompasses registration, login, the student dashboard, as well as the learning suite (interactive e­reader with integrated study and assessment tools). The document also includes a roadmap, Appendix A: Roadmap for Compliance, outlining our plans for remediating known deficiencies in accessibility.

In addition to our commitment to universal access, we strive be as accurate and transparent as possible in communicating our current accessibility status, our ongoing projects, as well as our future plans. That said, If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding this document or the accessibility of our courseware, please do not hesitate to contact us at We at Boundless are lifelong learners eager to improve our products, documentation, and support based on your feedback.

Download Boundless Voluntary Product Accessibility Template® (VPAT™)