Our approach

At Boundless, everything we do is rooted in three core values

1. Affordability

Our pledge:

We pledge to make the cost of getting a higher education more affordable for all by offering high quality digital course content at a fraction of the cost of traditional textbooks.

How we do this:

By leveraging low cost, openly-licensed content sources, curating the content with the assistance of hundreds of subject matter experts that are part of the Boundless community, and putting these materials into the cloud (where they can be easily updated and distributed), we’re providing a new, affordable model for development and use of course materials.

2. Quality

Our pledge:

We pledge to offer only the highest quality course content and to update this content as quickly as advancements are made in the relevant fields.

How we do this:

Boundless has spent years working with hundreds of subject-matter experts to curate, create, and update the highest quality openly licensed content in over 20 general education subject areas. Each module of content is reviewed by at least 3 experts to ensure factual accuracy and pedagogical clarity.

3. Accessibility

Our pledge:

We pledge to make our content as accessible as possible, seamlessly integrated into the lives of our users -- regardless of income, age, ability or situation.

How we do this:

In addition to our focus on course material content, at our core Boundless is a technology company. Leveraging the talents of our amazing tech team, we’ve built an award-winning user interface with state-of-the-art note-taking, assessment, and progress-tracking, that is accessible across all devices, seamlessly integrated with most major LMS systems, and WCAG compliant for the visually impaired.

Here's a look at what you'll get when you go Boundless:

Award-winning content in over 20 subjects

Award content

Modular design that is easily customizable


Interactive exercises that keep students engaged

50+ Assessment formats

Assessment 2

Real-time tracking of progress and performance on assignments (available to both students and faculty)

Tracking 1
Tracking 2

Seamless LMS integration

Seamless lms integration

Choose your system to get started:

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