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Campbell Biology 9th Edition
9th edition
by Jane B. Reece, Lisa A. Urry, Michael L. Cain, Steven A. Wasserman, Peter V. Minorsky, Robert B. Jackson

ISBN-10: 0321558235
ISBN-13: 9780321558237
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Chapter 14: Mendelian Inheritance The Boundless alternative to Campbell Biology 9th Edition

  • 1
    Mendel’s Experiments and the Laws of Probability
    • Introduction
    • Mendel’s Model System
    • Mendelian Crosses
    • Garden Pea Characteristics Revealed the Basics of Heredity
    • Probability Basics
  • 2
    Characteristics and Traits
    • Phenotypes and Genotypes
    • The Punnett Square Approach for a Monohybrid Cross
    • Alternatives to Dominance and Recessiveness
    • X-Linked Traits
    • Human Sex-Linked Disorders
  • 3
    Laws of Inheritance
    • Pairs of Unit Factors, or Genes
    • Alleles Can Be Dominant or Recessive
    • Equal Segregation of Alleles
    • Independent Assortment
    • Linked Genes Violate the Law of Independent Assortment
    • Epistasis

Chapter 14: Sample Flashcards

  • law of segregation
    a diploid individual possesses a pair of alleles for any particular trait and each parent passes one of these randomly to its offspring
  • linkage
    the property of genes of being inherited together
  • epistasis
    the modification of the expression of a gene by another unrelated one

Chapter 14: Sample Quiz Questions

  • Which is one of the seven characteristics that Mendel observed in pea plants?
  • Why was the fact that Mendel used "true-breeding" plants so important for the success of his research?

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