What if I get a new job after I submit my green card application?

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Mar 10, 2021

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What if I get a new job after I submit my green card application?

The green card applicant typically would bring a new verification of employment letter and new pay stubs to the marriage green card interview. They do not generally have to update their submitted application.

If the sponsoring spouse is unemployed, they typically do need to bring documents for a joint sponsor to the marriage green card interview, since they no longer qualify to support their spouse.

If I move and update my address with USCIS, will this delay any of the processing times?

Usually not, but if the applicant moves to a new USCIS field office jurisdiction (such as to a different state), they will be subject to that field office’s processing times, which could be longer (but sometimes shorter, too). In general, changing addresses within the same field office region won’t affect processing times. Forgetting to update USCIS when an address changes will, however, cause delays.

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