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#BoundlessCouple: Adrian and Torun

Oct 16, 2018

Adrian and Torun met while Torun, originally from Norway, was on a student visa in the United States. They got married in fall 2017 and signed up with Boundless the following February. Just five months later, Torun was approved for her marriage-based green card, and today they live happily together in California.

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We caught up with Adrian about the couple’s immigration journey and experience with Boundless. Read what he had to say.

Adrian and Torun in Norway
Adrian and Torun, at Torun’s family home in Norway, Christmas Eve 2016

Congratulations on receiving Torun’s green card! We’re glad we could help you reach this goal. Let’s start with your story: How did you two meet and fall in love?

We met online. Torun was in the United States for school, and we hit it off. She was planning on going back home for a year after college, but after the year was up, we decided to stay together.

After being together for two-and-a-half years, it was clear that we wanted to get her a green card. We were scared at first because when we looked into what the process is like, we saw things that could be time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. When we found Boundless, it gave us that extra confidence we were looking for.

“Before I found Boundless, I felt like I was climbing Mount Everest. We were really stressed out.” -Adrian

How did you research your options?

We Googled “how to get a green card.” We went on YouTube and watched people’s experiences and what they went through. That’s when we got nervous because a good portion of the videos were of people getting denied their green cards. It seemed like everyone had a slightly different experience.

We were really concerned about the logistics and not understanding the legal system and what needs to be prepared, in what order. Watching the videos, it became clear that we needed to hire some outside services. Lawyers seemed too expensive because Torun was just out of school, and I was just starting a new business. Then we found Boundless.

Adrian and Torun's First Anniversary
Adrian and Torun celebrating their first anniversary in Downtown Los Angeles

What made you choose Boundless?

What made the decision click for Boundless was how clean, professional, and organized the website looked. I wanted to make sure someone, or some company, could help us throughout this process, and Boundless definitely stood out. Just the fact that the website is so user-friendly — it really took our hand and made it feel like someone was helping us along the whole way. It made the fee a no-brainer.

I know it’s been many months, but I’d love to ask some questions about your experience using the Boundless website. What did you think about it?

The way the website greets you with the reputable press companies like the New York Times featuring Boundless and with the feedback from other customers gave you a bit more legitimacy.

Also, just being able to start the process now and see everything we needed without having to make a financial commitment — we could tell Boundless had done its due diligence. I could trust exactly what I needed to do just by following your instructions instead of spending hours of my life on research, guesswork — the stress of figuring it all out ourselves. I really don’t have that many complaints. When we had any questions, we used the chat service. Everyone that we reached out to on your end was very quick at responding, and the information that they gave to us was given very clearly.

How was working with the independent attorney you got through Boundless?

That went very smoothly. That was actually a step that I was a little leery about because I knew it was a third party, but it went perfectly. Anjana was super nice and super helpful. She went to great lengths to make sure we felt comfortable.

Can you describe your experience when you received the application package we sent you?

As soon as we saw how many papers you included in the package, we knew we made the right decision. There were so many details we wouldn’t have thought of that Boundless took care of for us. The application was very well put together. It was spelled out very clearly. We had no questions or concerns with it because it was laid out so well. You knocked it out of the park on that, as well.

Application Package
Sample Boundless application package

Now let’s talk about the interview. How prepared did you feel with our materials?

Everything went super smoothly. We were in and out in no time. Just by seeing the amount of paperwork you sent made us instantly feel great about the fee. There were so many things you did for us to make it come together that we couldn’t have done on our own.

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend Boundless to others?

10. If I were to recommend Boundless to a friend or someone else, I would say a 10.

“Just being able to start the process now … without having to make a financial commitment — we could tell Boundless had done its due diligence.” -Adrian

If you were to recommend this service to someone else, what would you tell them?

I would tell them, “Look, this process — you can try to do it on your own, and I’ll wish you the best of luck, but Boundless literally saved so much time, so much headache. For the amount you pay, I feel like it’s so worth it. The marriage green card process is so confusing. Before I found Boundless, I felt like I was climbing Mount Everest. We were really stressed out. I told some friends from Russia to check out Boundless.

I recall watching a video of Xiao talking about the pain he went through. Watching him also really solidified our decision.

Anything else you would like to add that might help us make Boundless even better?

It’s hard for me to go back and pinpoint a criticism I might have because, honestly, there’s nothing that I can think of to make you any better. I felt like it was pretty straightforward, and it was such a positive experience.

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