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4 Best Employment Apps and Websites For Immigrants

Sep 15, 2020

An immigrant looks for work using an app.

As an immigrant, one of the toughest things about settling into a new life in the United States can be getting a job. As the world’s leading economy, the United States has a vast labor market, and yet navigating it can be far from straightforward.

If you’re an immigrant searching for work, how do you find a job or advance your career? What services or help are available to you? Read on to discover the 4 best websites and apps for finding a job in the United States as a new immigrant.

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1. Upwardly Global

Upwardly Global, A website that helps immigrants find work

Immigrants bring a wide range of skills, experience, qualifications, and expertise to the U.S. labor market. They, however, may encounter barriers to getting hired due to local, federal, or professional rules related to their field. This can mean that educational qualifications or professional training isn’t recognized or understood by U.S. employers, and new immigrants may end up working below their skill level.

Upwardly Global’s mission is to change that. The organization aims to eliminate employment barriers for skilled immigrants and refugees, and integrate them into the professional U.S. workforce. Through training, networking, resources, coaching, and its job search function, Upwardly Global helps new arrivals to the United States reintegrate into their chosen professional field.


  • Upwardly Global has a very detailed and well-structured Professional Licensing Guide, which provides an invaluable resource for new arrivals to the United States to understand the steps required to earn a state professional license or credential in their field.
  • It has employer partnerships and can potentially match you with a company, and provides coaching and assistance to get through those initial resume and interview steps.
  • Its website is full of helpful features, including resources on labor-place regulations during COVID-19, such as sick leave.


  • Upwardly Global is currently only available in 16 U.S. states, which is limiting to those who do not live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Washington State, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, Tennessee or Wisconsin.
  • You have to be in the United States on a green card or approved visa. Also, you have to have been in the United States for 5 years or less.
  • You cannot search for available jobs, like you would on a job search engine. Instead, you apply and then are contacted by Upwardly Global’s team, so be prepared to fill in a few forms.

2. USAHello

USA Hello - Immigrant Jobs Site

Sometimes, you know what you need: career counseling, resettlement services, English classes, or legal help. But where do you go and who do you ask? USAHello has an answer for those questions.

USAHello is a non-profit organization that uses the internet to help immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, and the communities that welcome them. They are a hub of information for everything you might need as you settle into your new life in the United States. From educating your children or yourself, to finding a job, to understanding the legal system, USAHello has resources for all your needs.

But one of their best offerings is FindHello — an interactive map you can use on your phone that connects you to the resources available in your area. It’s detailed, well laid-out, and has multiple different categories to choose from.


  • It’s an app! FindHello is available on your phone and can be used any time, anywhere.
  • Detailed and specific, you can search by location and zip code, as well as by the resource you would like to access.
  • The map is colorful, easy-to-use and clear. The information provided has addresses and phone numbers, and has a pin dropped on it so you can visualize where it is in relation to you.


  • Currently only available in four languages (English, French, Arabic, and Spanish).
  • The app provides links to websites of the resources on the map, but some of the links are broken and may need updating.

3. Immigrant Welcome Center

Immigrant Welcome Center website

Immigrant Welcome Center’s mission is to empower immigrants by connecting them to the people, places, and resources that enable them to build successful lives and enrich their community.

An organization based primarily in Indianapolis, but with some jobs for elsewhere, the Immigrant Welcome Center is a non-profit that helps you find your feet as a new arrival in the United States, get connected with resources, and find work, including a job search engine.

Its long list of resource pages are very detailed, although also tailored to the Indianapolis area, include up-to-date information on COVID-19 guidelines.


  • The tailored job search function allows you to search for roles or opportunities in the local area.
  • The website is hyperlocal and tailored to a defined geographic area. This can also be a drawback, but it provides invaluable local resources for new immigrants to Indianapolis.
  • Available in six languages: Amharic, Arabic, Chines, French, Spanish and Swahili.


  • Very hyperlocal in focus, which means that outside of Indiana, it has limited use.
  • It would benefit from more interactivity built into the features it offers, instead of only static pages.

4. Twinist

Twinist website for immigrants

Based in Minnesota, Twinist envisions a productive collaboration between employers in Minnesota and new arrivals to the United States. Founder Abdu Rahman Mahmud was inspired by his own experience as an immigrant from Somalia looking for work in the United States.

Twinist provides job and career listings through a job search function, a volunteering hub, and consultancy services on personal branding for new immigrants.


  • As well as looking for job openings, you can post your resume! This means employers can find a match with you.
  • Twinist says employers can have an opportunity to go through a job seeker’s resume board and invite potential candidates to apply to a job listing they posted on Twinist.
  • Uses Google Translate to provide 40+ languages on their site.
  • Specific to the Minnesota region, which again means this hyperlocal focus leads to a wealth of information that is specific to your life in that area.


  • Only a few job listings currently available. This may also be due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has reduced job openings in general.

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