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5 Benefits of Community College for International Students

Aug 31, 2022

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If you’re a prospective international student interested in pursuing a U.S. education, it is important to understand all of the potential academic paths available to you. Although 4-year universities are a popular choice, 2-year community colleges also offer their own unique benefits for international students.

With nearly 1,000 community colleges in the U.S. to choose from, we’ve put together some reasons why these institutions may be the best study option for international students:

  1. Increased chances of admission

Community colleges in the U.S. are categorized as “open-access admission”, or open enrollment, meaning that these institutions have non-selective and non-competitive admission standards. Open enrollment policies can make it easier for students to gain admission than when applying to a university or other 4-year program, as most students are guaranteed access to a community college education. U.S. community colleges generally do not make selections based on previous academic records or any other specific criteria that universities often screen for.

  1. Less stringent English language requirements

One of the common barriers for international students applying to U.S. schools is proving English proficiency. Community colleges generally allow greater flexibility in proving language skills, which can make the application process easier for international students overall. Language requirements vary depending on the school, and some community colleges may not require English tests, such as the IELTS or TOEFL, prior to admission. At some community colleges, international students are required to attend an English exam after admission, which can help determine which classes they’ll be able to attend and what additional administrative support they may need based on their English proficiency.

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  1. Overall affordability

Community colleges are a great budget-friendly option for international students who still want to experience an education and life in the U.S. Community colleges offer lower tuition costs and fees on average than 4-year universities, which can make the study abroad experience much more affordable overall for international students. In general, total community college costs are half that of public universities; as of 2021, the average cost of community college attendance was just $7,460.

  1. Practical work experience and training

There are many community colleges geared towards specific careers and professional paths, with programs designed to give students practical experience and hands-on training, so that they may seamlessly transition into a career upon graduation. If you’re interested in acquiring technical skills or learning a skilled trade, vocational schools are also a great way to jumpstart your career in the U.S. Vocational programs are a popular choice for international students interested in pursuing employment in the healthcare field, information technology, the construction industry, and more.

  1. Easier transitions to 4-year programs

If attending a 4-year program or specific university during your time in the U.S. is one of your goals, community colleges can help you get there! Many community colleges in the U.S. have relationships with local 4-year colleges and universities and can make transitioning to longer-term programs seamless for international students. “Bridge programs” commonly found at community colleges are transitional programs for students who complete two-year degrees and would like to obtain a four-year or graduate degree. Overall, community colleges and associated bridge programs can help quickly prepare international students for academic and career transitions.

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