Boundless Integration with Canvas

Harness the power of the Boundless cloud with customizable textbooks and assessments, and manage your class with Canvas.

Boundless: Canvas Alliance Partner 2015

Our Integration with Canvas Includes Our Full Platform

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Modular and Flexible

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Integrated Analytics

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In addition to all of our great educator features and functionality, we offer premium services and features built specifically for institutions.

Technical Details

Boundless offers deep integration with Canvas with the following technical options:

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Grade Passback
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Single Sign On (SSO)
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API Available Upon Request
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Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

How to Get Started Using Boundless with Canvas

Go to the Canvas App Store

Go to your "Settings" tab (A). Then on the left find the "Apps" tab (B) at the top of your screen. Then find the Boundless app (C) below and click into it.

Find Boundless and install

Click into the Boundless app then click the "Add Tool" button (D). You will be prompted to enter your "Consumer Key" and "Shared Secret" but you do not have them yet. To retrieve the key and secret you will have to go to

Register on Boundless and Retrieve Your Key and Secret

Once you are on register as an educator using the same email as your Canvas account. After registering on Boundless, click on your name in the header and go to “account settings” (E) in the drop down menu. Your key and secret (F) will be on the “Account Settings” page. Now go back to Canvas and enter your key and secret and click “submit”.

Open Your Boundless Tab on Canvas

You should now have a new Boundless tab on the left in your course tabs (G); click it. You will see a button that says “Choose your book” to adopt a digital, customizable textbook for your class (H). You will also have the option to browse our open library of quizzes and readings (I) to use for your class. When you click any of the buttons a new tab will launch for you to browse and make selections.

Create assignments or assign a textbook to students

Once you have found something you want to assign in the Boundless tab, simply click the green “Assign” button (J) located towards the top of any page. Follow the prompts and be sure to select your class on Canvas from the dropdown menu. Anything you assign on Boundless will automatically be assigned directly to your class on Canvas.

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