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Boundless has partnered with

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to provide affordable and accessible digital courseware.

We are excited to announce that Boundless is now a CSU Affordable Learning Solutions prequalified course content provider. Committed to alleviating the financial burden and improving learning outcomes for students in higher education, Boundless offers high quality, openly licensed digital courseware, at the very affordable price point of only $29.99 per student per course. With this partnership, CSU students and faculty now have access to all the award-winning content, in over 20 subjects, that Boundless and its team of subject-matter experts have curated and created – and can be available within your university’s LMS! Please read on below for how you can take advantage of this new offering.

What is Boundless?

Boundless provides high quality, openly licensed digital textbooks that are seamlessly integrated with an institution's LMS and are easily customizable. Boundless digital textbooks are also very affordable ($29.99 per student per course), include active learning exercises and assessments, and are generally delivered in a textbook-replacement model.

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  • Award-winning content validated by subject-matter experts
  • Over 20 subjects
  • Align the content to your own syllabus
  • State-of-the-art assessments and progress tracking

Using a Boundless digital textbook is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3...

Step 1: Customize your Boundless book

Step 1

Step 2: Assign readings and quizzes

Step 2

Step 3: Monitor student performance

Step 3

How to get started (faculty)

1. Sign up for a free educator account

2. Browse subjects and create a Boundless book, or email your syllabus to support@boundless.com and Boundless will develop, at no charge, a customized alignment of the Boundless course materials to your syllabus

3. Create a course and invite students to join (whether in your institution's LMS, or directly on boundless.com)

4. Student receives an email and follows instructions on how to purchase assigned Boundless book for $29.99

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