How to use the Boundless TN Service

A step-by-step guide for employers


See if the job opportunity is eligible. First, complete a form to provide background information on the job opportunity. If the job is eligible, you will pay via Stripe directly within the form (there are no further costs to you and the new hire). We already support most TN-eligible jobs, and will add more jobs in the near future.


New hire provides information. Your future employee will be invited to provide personal information and upload documents via another form. We will also check if the employee is admissible to the U.S. and eligible for TN at this point.


An immigration attorney reviews the file. A Boundless-vetted independent immigration attorney will review all of the information provided, and then send a tailor-made TN approach, which includes the best job title, description, and NAFTA profession, to your email.


The attorney composes the support letter. Based on their recommendation, the immigration attorney will compose a TN support letter (required document). There are no actions needed from you at this point, but we will let you know once this is completed.


The immigration attorney reviews the entire package. By now, all the documents needed to apply for TN at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will be prepared. The immigration attorney will double check all details. If there are issues, we will notify you and help you fix them.


Complete application checklist and submission. Once the immigration attorney approves the package, you will be given access to all of the documents. From there, you can print, sign, and submit it to your preferred authority (CBP, USCIS, or a U.S. embassy or consulate). Reminder: We help you prepare a TN application for CBP, which is the quickest and most affordable option, if available to you. If you plan to submit the application to USCIS or a U.S. embassy or consulate instead, you will need to also separately complete Forms 1-129 and DS-160 respectively.

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