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Boundless is used by over 176 students at North Carolina State University at Raleigh and growing!

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Kristen B.
North Carolina State University at Raleigh
Fall 13 Campus Marketing Manager

With Boundless on NC State's campus this fall, I couldn't be more excited to be a part of the movement as our Campus Marketing Manager AND saving students BIG time on the cost of textbooks. For the school year, NCSU has estimated students will be spending $1,058 total on textbooks - who wants to pay that?! With the help of Boundless, students now have an alternative option to the traditional textbook, loaded with of extra study material - for a fraction of the cost!

It's not your assigned textbook, it's better. Everything you need to learn, plus built-in study materials.

Powered by Boundless Learning Technology

Boundless Learning Technology, based on active recall and spaced repetition, prompts you with quizzes, flashcards, summarization and more at the optimal points during your reading to help you retain information. These components are bundled with chapter-by-chapter textbook alignments and customized to your individual experience to create Boundless’ premium products, available for $19.99.
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Smart flashcards use personalized spaced repetition algorithms to measure when you are likely to forget important material, and prompt you with the right flashcard at the right time to boost your memory.


Expertly-created, integrated quizzes challenge you while you read at key points within the text. Boundless Smart Quizzes enhance your memorization and understanding.


Review key points summarized by experts especially for your book.


Mark up key concepts or important examples inside your Boundless book.


Save notes automatically in your Boundless notebook.