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If my I-130 form has been approved, can I visit the United States?

Mar 31, 2021

Boundless Ask an Immigration Attorney

If my I-130 form has been approved, can I visit the United States?

No, unfortunately the spouse seeking a green card is expected to remain abroad until their green card is approved. Once their green card is approved, they have 6 months to enter the United States.

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Can I still bring an interpreter to the interview even if I didn’t list it on the application?

Yes, an applicant may bring an interpreter to the interview. USCIS in general will not provide an interpreter and may reschedule the interview if the officer believes the applicant is not strong enough in English yet to complete the interview without an interpreter. Interpreters are asked to complete a short form, G-1256, Declaration for Interpreted USCIS Interview. The Forms are generally available at the USCIS field offices, but can also be completed and signed in advance.

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