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Green Card Backlog Decreases By 3.5% in July

The immigrant visa backlog was at 339,081 cases last month

Aug 30, 2023

Department of State Sign

The Department of State’s National Visa Center (NVC) saw small movement in the immigrant visa (IV) backlog, from 351,821 in June to 339,081 in July — a 3.6% decrease.

The number of green card applicants whose cases were documentarily complete and ready to be scheduled for an interview decreased slightly, from 388,397 in June to 378,475 in July (a decrease of roughly 2.5%). A case that is considered “documentarily complete” is a case in which all the required forms and documents have been submitted and accepted by the NVC, and therefore the case is ready for interview scheduling.

Green card backlog August

Despite the minimal decrease in case counts, the number of people scheduled for green card interviews saw a moderate 7.7% increase — 39,394 interviews in July compared to 36,576 interviews in June.

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