About Boundless

Boundless creates affordable and effective online textbooks and learning tools that improve education for millions of students and educators. The company’s high quality textbooks align to hundreds of popular college textbooks in 20+ subjects. Boundless integrates custom learning technology into all its premium books to help students study more efficiently at a fraction of the cost of traditional textbooks. The company also empowers educators to engage their students more effectively through customizable books and intuitive teaching aids as part of the Boundless Teaching Platform.

How it Works

Boundless subject matter experts vet and curate the best educational resources online to create textbooks and learning tools to improve learning.

Boundless textbook alternatives align to students’ assigned textbooks and are available for only $19.99. These textbooks come with integrated study materials, like flashcards and quizzes.
Learning Technology
Boundless prompts students with study reminders, flashcards, and quizzes at the optimal time so they’ll remember the important information for the long term.
Teaching Platform
Educators can assign Boundless textbooks to their class, access teaching aids, and monitor student performance from the Boundless Teaching Platform.

Our Story

Boundless was founded in 2011 to revolutionize the educational experience. Boundless has raised nearly $10 million in funding to change the learning landscape with online textbooks, study materials, and teaching aids. Today, more than 2 million learners study with Boundless each month.

Recent Milestones

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