Meet your dedicated immigration attorney

What you get from the Boundless network of independent immigration attorneys

Peace of mind

With Boundless, you get an independent immigration attorney to answer your questions and thoroughly review your application.

Top-rated legal professionals

Your attorney is in your corner—they’ll respond quickly, they’re empathetic, and they’ve successfully served many other people in your shoes.

Extraordinary value

You get high-quality legal services at an affordable price, all up front when you pay through Boundless, with no surprise fees down the road.

Boundless customers say it best

Adam says:

“I first spoke to attorneys on my own and the fees were absurd and all over the board. The fee seemed exorbitant… Then I looked online and found Boundless. You can do everything in a cost-effective manner. I honestly don't see anything you could improve on—simple, easy, cost-effective; you guys do great follow-up.”

Gwendolyn says:

“I was literally 5 days away from paying the fee to the lawyer I found before finding Boundless. It's hard to get time with a lawyer. The lawyer also charges an initial consultation fee and then by the hour for anything more. You were a lot more responsive and answered my questions without charging anything extra. I would have even paid more, given what I received.”

Mariana from Ecuador says:

“I started doing the whole process and really compared a lot of lawyers out there that offer their services. What they’d really do is give me a consult...but then I’d still do all the work and they’d charge me more. When I saw you guys and your service I found it really friendly. You guys helped me out doing all this paperwork. I would definitely recommend you, no doubt.”

What will my attorney do for me?

The immigration system is complicated and full of potential traps and roadblocks. With Boundless, you get an independent immigration attorney who will help you avoid errors and maximize your chance of success.

Within one business day after you pay Boundless, your attorney will contact you by email and begin working with you to make sure that all of your forms and supporting documents are complete. Ultimately, your attorney will review a complete digital copy of your application package for accuracy, completeness, and consistency, so that you can file with confidence.

What’s the difference between Boundless and the independent attorney?

As a technology company, Boundless can do a lot for you:

  • We turn all the required government forms into simple questions you can answer online — typically in under two hours.
  • We help you easily organize your documents and keep them all together securely online.
  • We print out your entire application package and assemble it precisely how the government prefers.
  • We mail this whole package to your doorstep.

Because Boundless is not a law firm, however, we can’t provide legal advice. To bring you the affordable legal services you deserve, we maintain a network of experienced independent immigration attorneys. We match you with one of these attorneys right after you pay a flat fee.

Your relationship with Boundless is described in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Your relationship with your independent attorney is described in a separate Attorney Agreement. Under this agreement, your private communications with your independent attorney about your immigration matter are covered by the “attorney-client privilege,” giving them an added level of legal protection.

Who are these attorneys?

You probably have better things to do than interview dozens of attorneys in your town, let alone thousands across the country.

Boundless has already done the hard work of finding top-rated immigration attorneys who have relevant experience for your needs. We look for attorneys who have several years of experience in family immigration law, including a large number of successful application filings. And beyond just skills and experience, we look for attorneys who are responsive, empathetic, and respected in their professional community.

Here are just a few of the independent attorneys in the Boundless network

Shereen Ahmed, Esq.

Shereen Ahmed specializes in family- and employment-based immigration matters, and has provided U.S. immigration consulting services to businesses in the United States, Latin America and Europe.


  • The John Marshall Law School, J.D.
  • University of Illinois, B.A. in Communications

Bar & Court Admissions

  • Illinois

Deanna Benjamin, Esq.

Deanna Benjamin is passionate about working with citizens of many nationalities across the globe.


  • Brooklyn Law School, J.D.
  • George Washington University, B.A. in Political Science

Bar & Court Admissions

  • Washington State
  • New York State

David Carvalho, Esq.

David Carvalho is an immigrant himself who enjoys working with individuals from all cultural backgrounds.


University of London, United Kingdom, Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom, Master of Laws (LLM)

Bar & Court Admissions


How are lawyers assigned?

Once you have paid Boundless (or selected a payment plan), we will match you with an independent immigration attorney based on their current caseload. We do this to ensure that every application receives the attention it deserves.

Can I get a lawyer near me?

Our network of independent immigration attorneys serve clients from all over the United States and abroad. If you choose to continue the application process with the help of Boundless, we will match you with an independent immigration attorney who can answer any legal questions about your application via phone or email.

Does the lawyer attend the interview with me? Can they attend if I pay an additional fee?

Once you have paid via Boundless (or selected a payment plan), we will match you with an independent immigration attorney, and you will get their services for no extra fee. Boundless customers enter into a limited scope agreement with their independent attorney, which does not include in-person representation at the interview.

Boundless does provide, however, a wealth of written materials to help ensure success in your interview. Most Boundless customers who have completed the interview process have reported being "over-prepared" for their interview because of the Boundless materials they received.

What if I don't like my lawyer? Will I be reassigned?

Boundless offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us immediately by sending an email to so we can resolve the issue.

Boundless customers rarely request a different independent immigration attorney, and such requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.