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Boundless attorneys make immigration easier

We combine the experience of working with seasoned legal professionals with the ease and precision of technology to help families and businesses reach their immigration goals, with peace of mind along the way.

Immigration attorney speaking with a client over the phone

What makes us different

More successful cases than any single law firm

With you every step

From the first visa to citizenship for families, and from hiring to future visas for corporate teams, we’re with you through it all.


Our platforms, step-by-step guidance, and processes make government forms and policies actually make sense.

Clear pricing, unparalleled value

Our service includes unlimited live support, hours of time savings, risk-reducing strategies, and more. We also offer financial assistance for family-based immigration customers.

Non-lawyer-owned law firm

This matters, because technology allows us to deliver on our mission of making immigration more easier and more accessible. With Boundless, there are no retainer fees, and no barriers to accessing our dedicated team, so you can get the guidance you need, whenever you need it.


Our business immigration team, fluent in multiple languages, brings decades of expertise in U.S. and international law. They have a strong track record in guiding a diverse range of clients, from Fortune 100 companies to individual researchers, artists, and professionals to successful outcomes. Their experience covers everything from work visas and green cards to developing full-scale immigration strategies.

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Business Immigration

We’re here to make hiring and managing a global workforce a lot less complicated

With automation to make processing and tracking more efficient, real-time access to every detail of every case, clear and upfront pricing, and dedicated, on-demand legal support to businesses of all sizes.

1,000+ Clients, 100,000+ Success Stories

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Individuals & Families

Experienced green card and fiancé visa experts on your side

Boundless is dedicated to easing your immigration journey. We offer expert-backed green card and visa solutions, aimed at simplifying the process for individuals and families. Our team, comprising independent immigration lawyers with an average of 15+ years of experience, along with former government officials ensures that every step of our process and every application we support is thoroughly reviewed for your peace of mind.

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For Individuals and Families

100% Accuracy, uncomplicated process

Boundless’ Premium service for green cards and K-1 fiancé visas includes an immigration attorney consultation, application review, and interview prep for a single flat fee. Our services reduce denial risks and are backed by the expertise of a customer support team led by former USCIS officers.

We have a 4.7 excellent rating


And have earned the respect of the press

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Individuals & Families

Immigration help for you and your family

Let us help you and your family start a new chapter.

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Making company immigration simple

See how we make immigration straightforward and strategic.

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Looking for an easier way to manage your company’s immigration?

Get in contact with us to get a demo of Boundless and see how our team of immigration lawyers and experts can help you with your strategy to hire international talent.

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