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Smart flashcards use personalized spaced repetition algorithms to measure when you are likely to forget important material, and prompt you with the right flashcard at the right time to boost your memory.
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Lori W
New York University
Wow! THANK YOU! It’s my first year in college! EVERYTHING is so complicated! I will most definitely spread the word! It’s cool that you guys are doing this to help students out...we need a lot of this!
Sarah H
Indiana University
It is so simple and saved me tons of money. This site rocks and helped save my entire biology class from purchasing a new edition when one we had was very similar. Love you!
Michael N.
Golden West College
Boundless is much more cost effective than current traditional textbooks given their absurd prices of $100+.
Kendra B.
University of South Carolina
My professor took me aside after our last class and told me that I continually made the best grades out of all the students in the course! I couldn't have done it without help from Boundless and the helpful features!

The press is praising Boundless innovation

The company says the textbooks are as good as ones you may buy from a college bookstore, and the app even lets you search for a textbook you need... For those looking to save cash or for help with the fundamentals, however, Boundless gets an A. Read more about the Boundless iOS app
The average, estimated, full-time undergraduate budget – including books and supplies, transportation and dorm expenses – totals $3,291... For intro classes, use the website Boundless. Watch Boundless on ABC News

Boundless CEO's TEDxTalk: Let's change the way we teach and learn.

Boundless CEO Ariel Diaz spoke at TEDxCambridge on how changing the curriculum can motivate students to learn. He proposed educators invert the curriculum to show students the beauty of a subject up front, then work their way down to the minute details.