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#BoundlessCouple: Mina and Mike

Mar 25, 2021

Marriage green card applicants

Mina and Mike met five years ago when they were both students in Chicago. Mina, who is originally from Colombia, was studying for her undergraduate degree, while Mike was a graduate student in architecture. The couple weathered a long distance relationship in recent years, when Mina moved to Milan to further her studies.

“Two years, three countries, and three cities later, we decided that together was the best place to be, so we eloped at City Hall and started working on getting my green card to be reunited,” said Mina.

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We caught up with Mina to learn more about the couple’s experience with Boundless and the green card application process.

How did you discover Boundless?

Mostly luck. When we were looking into immigration options most lawyers were way out of our price range, and luckily Boundless was within the million tabs we opened when doing our research.

“ Boundless was great — they were responsive and attentive. ” – Mina

Mina and Mike getting married

Did you consider applying on your own or using an immigration attorney?

We knew that our application would be confusing, being that I had lived in the US for a while, and have held multiple types of Visas. I also moved around a lot during our relationship, different cities, different countries, etc. Ultimately we knew that it was worth getting some help to avoid any problems or major delays.

What stood out to you about the Boundless service?

The price was the biggest factor for us. We were sold by the flat rate — but once we started using it the customer service was amazing. Joel was one of the first people we worked with. He was always prompt, respectful and thorough. At the end of the application we visited the chat option often, and they were always able to help us out when we needed immediate answers.

“We were sold by the flat rate — but once we started using it the customer service was amazing.” – Mina

Can you tell us about the green card interview? How prepared did you feel?

My green card interview was super easy! I had spent the week leading up to it reading and re-reading the guide and watching every single youtube video about the topic, but once I got there it was very simple. The consul was very nice and brief, the whole thing lasted about 30 mins, my train from Antwerp to Brussels took longer.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend Boundless to others?

10, for sure. We are a young couple who is just starting their life together, the immigration process itself is expensive, the doctor fees, the NVC fees, etc, so there is no need to spend additional money. Boundless was great, they were responsive, nice, and attentive.

Boundless — for people who want the expertise
of an immigration lawyer, not the price tag.