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Changing Your Address With USCIS Just Got Easier

Oct 18, 2023

U.S. citizens contacts State Department

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has launched a new tool allowing visa applicants to update their home address online. The Enterprise Change of Address (E-COA) tool will “significantly improve the speed and efficiency” of the process, USCIS said in a statement.

E-COA simplifies the address update process by allowing most applicants with a USCIS online account to update both their mailing and physical addresses in one central location for any pending applications, petitions, or requests. This eliminates the need for updating addresses in multiple places, filling out a paper AR-11 (“Alien’s Change of Address Card),” making calls to the Contact Center, or visiting a USCIS Field or Asylum Office. E-COA automates address changes for nearly all types of forms.

Those without pending applications can also use this tool to meet the requirement of notifying USCIS about their address change. The E-COA tool is currently available only in English and can be accessed via a USCIS online account, regardless of whether your pending case was submitted online or by mail.

To use the E-COA tool, you must provide your last name, date of birth, and your new physical and mailing addresses.

Keep in mind that updating your address with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) will not automatically update your address with USCIS — you still will need to update your information with both USCIS and USPS.

For more info, Boundless has put together an in-depth guide on how to change your address with USCIS.

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