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#BoundlessCouple: Madeline and Jonathan

Jan 2, 2018

Madeline and Jonathan kissing on their wedding day
Boundless couple, Madeline and Jonathan, share their immigration journey with the Boundless Team.

Congratulations on your green card approval! Let’s start at the beginning of your immigration journey. How did you research your options?

We first got the name of a lawyer around Austin, and did a consult. It seemed it would be way too expensive for what we thought it’d be worth — I think we were quoted $2,000 in legal fees, and it was $100 for just a consult. And I felt like I was talked at, rather than having a conversation. We kind of had a handle on the process already. I [Madeline] majored in Political Science and had two friends who went through similar situations. I’d already done a month or two of background research. We then researched online for do-it-yourself solutions, and that’s when we found Boundless.

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How did you decide between doing everything yourself, hiring a lawyer on your own, and going with Boundless?

It took just a week and a half between when we found Boundless and when we decided to use you guys. At that point we didn’t want to hire a lawyer on our own, so it was either doing everything ourselves or using Boundless—which included a lawyer! We felt confident in our knowledge of the process, but we were getting married, and with all of the other things on our plate, it felt like it was worth the money to take the stress away.

Boundless seemed very streamlined, very current, and we felt you guys were going to be the most up to date with the latest policies. The only thing I wanted to make sure of was that Boundless wouldn’t be just filling out forms electronically and sending a packet we could have done ourselves. We wanted to make sure the service was going to be worth the money.

“It was worth the money to take the stress away.”

Now that you’ve used our service and sent off your green card application package, do you think it was worth it?

Oh absolutely. I have already recommended Boundless to people! I really liked your chat support as we were going through the application questions. At one point, I had a general question about how the government defines address history, and instead of having to do more research myself, the live chat was very helpful. And with you guys, we got to ask an immigration lawyer all the remaining specific questions we had. I’m happy with our decision.

Jonathan and Madeline at a Minnesota Wild hockey game
Jonathan and Madeline at a Minnesota Wild hockey game, December 2015

What did you think about the Boundless website?

I thought it was a nice interface. Smooth and easy to use. I didn’t find the governmental jargon too complicated to begin with, but the way you guys phrased it made it really clear and easy to understand. I was always worried I would miss something on the government forms if we had done it entirely ourselves.

How was working with the independent attorney you got through Boundless?

I thought our lawyer was really great and super responsive. I didn’t feel like I had to send off one single email with all of my questions and never get to talk again. I’m a big list person and we sent lists of questions back and forth, crossing things off. I wasn’t waiting days on end for answers. And there was no extra fee! I had multiple friends who hired their own lawyer and it was definitely a better bargain with Boundless.

What did you think of your green card application package when it arrived at your doorstep?

I thought it was, honestly, beautiful. It was clear, and sweet, and label tags were great. The directions were very straightforward, and made it pretty easy. I thought it was just going to be a generic folder, but you guys did a great job with the presentation. The pre-paid envelope was a nice touch — this took away yet another task we would have had to do ourselves.

“I thought [the package] was, honestly, beautiful. It was clear, and sweet, and label tags were great. The directions were very straightforward, and made it pretty easy.”

How did you feel walking into the interview?

I felt over-prepared, which is how I wanted to feel. We had spent the previous weekend going over all of the questions together and prepared all of our joint documents. At the center, we spent around 15 minutes before being informed that we were approved. Thank you for all of your support! We can all celebrate together.

Any final words?

I would definitely recommend you guys. As I got further into the process, I felt like I understood the next steps better and better. Everything was laid out well, start to finish.

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