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Is PERM Batching the Right Immigration Strategy for Your Company?

Feb 20, 2024

Supporting documents under the new public charge rule.

The PERM labor certification is a crucial step all U.S. employers must undergo before sponsoring a foreign worker for an employment-based green card. Overall, the PERM process involves recruitment efforts to test the labor market and the submission of a detailed application to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). 

For U.S. companies who employ multiple (in some cases, thousands) of foreign workers, submitting PERM applications can be a time-consuming and expensive step in the immigration process. One way to streamline this process is a strategy called “PERM batching.” Let’s take a closer look at PERM batching and how it can be an effective strategy for sponsoring employers.

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What is PERM Batching?

“PERM batching” refers to the practice of submitting multiple PERM labor certification applications to the DOL simultaneously for a group of foreign workers within the same or similar job categories and/or geographic locations.

Using PERM batching as an immigration strategy involves strategically planning and coordinating the submission of multiple PERM applications to increase the chances of approval and to streamline the process for sponsoring multiple foreign workers.

Benefits of PERM Batching

Efficiency: By batching multiple PERM applications together, employers can save time and resources in preparing and filing the paperwork. PERM batching can also lead to faster processing times since the DOL tends to review similar applications concurrently.

Consistency: When filing multiple PERM applications for similar job positions, employers can ensure consistency in the documentation and arguments presented in support of labor certification. Overall, consistency can help strengthen the applicant’s overall case and improve the likelihood of PERM approval.

Strategic Timing: Employers can strategically time the submission of multiple PERM applications based on U.S. immigration trends, processing times, and other factors to maximize the chances of success for all applications within the batch.

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Workforce Planning: PERM batching allows employers to plan their workforce needs more effectively by securing permanent residency for multiple international employees simultaneously, ensuring stability and continuity in their operations.

Cost Savings: Submitting multiple PERM applications together can also result in cost savings compared to filing individual applications separately, since certain costs like attorney fees and advertising expenses can be spread across multiple applications.


Employment immigration is about to become more expensive for U.S. employers. On April 1, 2024, USCIS is increasing filing fees for nearly all visa categories and immigration forms, including employment-based green cards and work visas. Learn more about what costs to expect here.

The Bottom Line

In light of USCIS’ new fee structure, many U.S. employers sponsoring foreign workers may turn to PERM batching in the coming months to save on application costs.

While PERM batching can be an effective immigration strategy for many companies to save both time and money, employers and HR professionals must ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and requirements set forth by the DOL to avoid any potential issues or processing delays. Check out our helpful tips on U.S. immigration compliance here.

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