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The American Dream Scholarship for DACA and TPS Students

Feb 28, 2018

We’re delighted to offer the American Dream Scholarship from Boundless! The application is open to students who are currently attending, or are applying to attend, an accredited U.S. community college, four-year college, or university, and who fulfill the requirements of Deferred Action… View Article

Boundless is Open for Business!

Sep 18, 2017

A little under a year ago, we set out to provide a solution to the question, “Why is the immigration process so hard?” The answer always came back to information, or lack thereof. “What am I eligible for?” “Which forms… View Article

Why I Founded Boundless

Jan 30, 2017

My dad and mom on their first day in the United States, spent by a friend’s poolAt the age of three, I went on an airplane with my grandparents — the first time for all of us — and flew… View Article