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Password Security at Boundless

At Boundless, we strive to ensure your data stays secure. To this end, we take steps to protect your data when it is on our servers.

But even the best encryption and computer security techniques fail when a hacker can guess your password for logging in to our service and identifying yourself. To prevent this, we check the password you created during registration against a large list of known passwords that criminals often use to guess their way into a target’s account.

When registering for an account with us, you may see the message “Your password is too easy to guess or is a known password, please try another.” That means you’re using a password we think an attacker would be likely to guess.

Steps you can take

One way to improve your password is instead to use a longer passphrase made up of a full sentence of words (see this article for more information).

Another option is to use a password manager that creates and stores the most secure passwords for you. Some well-regarded password managers include Dashlane, 1Password, and Lastpass.