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Ask My Attorney Program

Talk to a top-rated immigration attorney and get all of your legal immigration questions answered

Scheduled consultations on new legal immigration issues
Only $49 per 30 minute session, no account registration or subscription fee required
Great for help with government requests, test and interview preparation
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An independent immigration attorney in the Boundless network.

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Book an appointment online with ease

Our service provides flexible scheduling options and tools to ensure that your consultation works best for you, and the attorney has all the information they need to advise you.

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Trusted, vetted attorneys are just a click away

Boundless works with top-rated immigration attorneys who have relevant experience to meet your individual needs.

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Our network of independent attorneys serves clients from all over the U.S. and abroad.

How it Works

  1. How do I schedule an appointment?

    You can schedule your appointment online, at a time convenient for you, with our easy-to-use calendar system. You can pay quickly and easily with your credit card, and you’ll receive email and text confirmations of your scheduled appointment.

  2. What if I have to cancel or reschedule?

    Our AMA customer service team is here to assist you with any of your scheduling and rescheduling needs.

  3. How will my independent attorney contact me?

    You can select a Google Meets video conference, a WhatsApp call (domestic or international), or a phone call (U.S. domestic only) at the time you schedule your appointment.

  4. What types of questions can I ask?

  5. How long do consultations last?

What’s Included in Ask My Attorney

Professional Attorney Consultations

No account registration or subscription fee required

Get help with government requests, test, and interview preparation

A fraction of the cost of a traditional attorney consultation

Eligible to receive a full rebate of the AMA fee if you purchase a Boundless product within 30 days!

$49 per 30-minute session

Frequently Asked Questions

Which states are eligible for Ask My Attorney?

Currently, Ask My Attorney is offered in all U.S. states except the following: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, Vermont, Virginia. Boundless is currently working to bring the program to these states. Feel free to enter your email here to be notified when Ask My Attorney launches in your state! Please note that Ask My Attorney is also available for any individuals outside of the U.S. and in most major U.S. territories.

What’s a unique issue?

A unique issue is a legal matter that you would like to discuss with your independent attorney. For example, someone can ask about how to get an expedited travel permit if they need to leave the United States after they applied for a green card. Another would be how to transition from living in the U.S. on an employment-based visa to receiving a marriage-based green card.

What if I can’t get all of my questions answered in 30 minutes?

Each 30 minute consultation will cover as many unique questions as time allows. If you need to schedule a follow-up consultation, please use the same method that you used for your initial consultation. If you would like to ensure you speak to the same Independent Attorney for follow-up consultations, please reach out to our customer service team at

Who is my attorney?

Your attorney is an independent attorney who has been vetted by Boundless to make sure they have relevant experience for your needs. We look for attorneys who have several years of experience in family immigration law, including a large number of successful application filings. And beyond just skills and experience, we look for attorneys who are responsive, empathetic, and respected in their professional community. Please note that the independent attorneys are not employees of Boundless.

What if I want to use a different attorney?

Boundless customers rarely request a different independent immigration attorney, and such requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We therefore cannot guarantee that we can reassign you to a different independent attorney. If you prefer to be reassigned, please email, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs based on the other independent attorneys’ availability.

What if I want a refund?

This is a $49 per-call fee for a 30-minute consultation. Boundless cannot provide refunds based on the outcome of a call or the information provided by the Independent Attorney. Calls must be rescheduled or canceled 24 hours or more before the scheduled appointment time to be eligible for refunds. Any call that is canceled by the Independent Attorney for any reason will be eligible for rescheduling or a full refund per the customer’s request. For further questions please contact

I have additional questions. Where should I ask them?

Please email your questions to

At this time, Boundless is only able to help couples apply for a marriage green card through the adjustment of status process when the sponsor is a U.S. citizen. We are not able to assist if the sponsor is a U.S. green card holder.

We are not able to support applications of this kind due to their complexity and recent government changes to the Visa Bulletin, which determines when couples are able to file their adjustment of status application. 

If you have specific questions about your immigration status or ability to sponsor your spouse for a green card through the adjustment of status process, you may be interested in our attorney consultation service. Learn more about the program and sign up to speak to an immigration attorney here.

Boundless can help your entire family apply! We have over 10 years of experience helping thousands of applicants apply with their children and get their green cards together as a family. You can include any unmarried children age 18 or under on your application. Contact our team at to learn more.

Boundless offers two service tiers to help you reach your family immigration goals:

Essential (Guided) Application Service:

Our immigration experts will help you prepare, check, and put together your USCIS application. You’ll have unlimited live support from our team.

Premium (Lawyer-Guided) Application Service:

Includes everything from the Essential service. Additionally, you’ll be assisted by an immigration attorney, including a video meeting, application check, and interview preparation with top immigration lawyers from our network.

Once you sign up for our Premium application package, you cannot switch to our Essential service. However, if you choose Essential, you can upgrade to a Premium package for additional lawyer support at any point during the process. 

We stand by our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 14 days of purchase. If you are not fully satisfied with Boundless or your immigration plans change, please contact us at to receive a full refund.

Whether or not you enlist an immigration lawyer’s help for your visa application is a personal decision. Generally speaking, individuals with more complex cases (such as immigration status issues or criminal history) may benefit from the support of an immigration attorney. 

For our family immigration services, you’ll choose between two service tiers: Essential (Guided) application and Premium (Lawyer-Guided Application). If you want extra peace of mind with legal support, our Premium service may be the right choice for you. You can also sign up for the Essential service to start and upgrade to a Premium (Lawyer-Guided) application at any time during the process, if needed. 

No matter what Boundless service you choose, you’ll always get hands-on guidance from our team trained by immigration attorneys and former USCIS officers. With over 90,000 visa approvals and ten years of experience, we know what it takes for you to succeed.

Here are the costs for Boundless’ Marriage Green Card application packages:

Essential (Guided Application):
Flat fee: $749
Payment plan: Starting at $180/month

Premium (Lawyer Supported Application):
Flat fee: $1249
Payment plan: Starting at $235/month

In addition to the Boundless fee, there are fees paid directly to the U.S. government when you file. Boundless lets you simplify the payment process and pay your Boundless fees and government fees at the same time. We’ll help you calculate your exact government fees and when it comes time to file, we’ll write the check to the government for you.

If your application is denied by the U.S. government, we will refund 100% of our service fees, minus independent attorney fees. (Certain exceptions apply.) Learn more about our money-back guarantee.

Boundless’ affordable payment plan options for our Essential application package start at just $180 per month and let you get started on your application now and pay as you go. You can also opt to simplify the entire payment process and pay the government fees on your payment plan*. Boundless will write the check for you when it comes time to file with the government, eliminating any risk of payment mistakes which can cause delays. Create your account to explore all of your payment options and calculate your exact government fees at checkout.

*Please note that if you choose to pay your Boundless Essential fee using a payment plan, your base cost will be higher. $749 is the starting cost for paying the Boundless Essential fee upfront. In addition, if you choose to pay your USCIS fees over time with Boundless, we charge an additional fee. The additional fee is to account for our team writing the check to USCIS on your behalf. To see the exact service fee for your specific application and your total costs, please explore the checkout page or reach out to our team at

Bundling Boundless’ service cost and your government fees saves you time and effort later on in the process. Boundless helps you calculate your exact government filing fees and lets you pay them over time with monthly payment plan options. When it comes time to file, our team will write the check to the government for you so you can apply stress-free. Bundling the costs eliminates the risk of fee payment mistakes that can cause significant delays or application rejections.

To check your eligibility and start applying for adjustment of status, or to continue making progress, follow this link.

Simply answer the questions in our online questionnaire at your own pace. We’ll take it from there!

If you have specific legal questions and would like to consult with an immigration attorney before proceeding with Boundless, you may be interested in our Ask My Attorney (AMA) service. AMA is a subscription service where subscribers pay $49 to get consultations with Boundless-affiliated independent immigration attorneys. Learn more about Ask My Attorney.

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