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Building a competitive edge with strategic immigration

How Boundless’ innovative approach to immigration, helped Common attract global talent and drive expansion

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Getaround’s Challenge

Common’s unsustainable immigration process threatened its ambitious expansion goals

Facing rapid expansion of 50-75% year-over-year, Common’s existing, manual immigration processes were a bottleneck, leaving leadership overwhelmed and unable to compete for top-tier international talent. Their existing firm was focused on reactive immigration, rather than proactive immigration, which inhibited them from acting quickly and strategically.

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Ensure operational scalability, implement competitive policies, apply strategic expertise

Paperless automation

Boundless centralized and automated Common’s application processing and tracking, to minimize administrative burden and free up time for strategic thinking.

Strategic policy development

We worked with Common to develop customed green card and sponsorship standards designed to attract and retain top global talent, then we took over as in-house counsel to execute the policies and ensure they were successful.

Real-time transparency

Our platform offers secure access for all stakeholders in the immigration function, including hiring managers, recruiters, people leaders, and international employees and prospects, creating visibility into every step and status update.

Our high-touch legal team was available for personalized guidance for all employees, to answer questions and queries in real-time, with real answers specific to each case.

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