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How Boundless helped Getaround fuel global growth, streamline processes, and accelerate expansion.

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Getaround’s Challenge

Getaround’s growth engine needed an immigration update

As Getaround revved up for global expansion, their existing immigration process felt like a slow leak, hampering their ambitious goals. Delays, complexities, and limited resources threatened to stall global recruitment.

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Boundless’ Solution

Proactive management to drive precise planning

Centralized control

We aggregated and automated all Getaround’s immigration data on one platform, giving stakeholders a clear view of every employee’s visa status and deadlines.

Personalized roadmaps

Boundless’ legal team tailored immigration plans for each international employee, from extensions to Green Cards, ensuring seamless transitions, and investment in their future with Getaround.

We took on all the paperwork, legal legwork, and status tracking, with automated updates, freeing up Getaround’s People Ops team to focus on growth.

Fast-track to green cards

Boundless worked tirelessly to secure crucial EB-1A Green Cards for Getaround’s co-founders, paving the way for long-term success.

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