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Bridging the gap to global talent

How Boundless helped Webflow build a frictionless future for remote workforce growth.

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Webflow’s Challenge

Breaking borders, not hiring speed

Webflow’s remote-first culture thrives on global diversity. But traditional immigration processes were slowing down their growth.

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Boundless’ Solution

Hire faster with a centralized, synced strategy

Paperless applications & centralized tracking

Boundless digitized and automated all of Webflow’s workflows, creating a single source of truth for every stakeholder in the process, driving a 50% reduction in processing times and markedly accelerating the onboarding of international talent.

Our strategy involved deploying a dedicated legal team for prompt responses to global employees and potential hires, and our transparent, accessible methods significantly expedited Webflow’s talent recruitment, directly contributing to the achievement of their recruitment objectives.

Real-time case status & data access

We implemented dynamic application timelines for Webflow, aligning their global hiring practices with their product development objectives.

Digital visa assessments for faster hiring

Our digital visa assessments eliminated guesswork from the hiring process, saving Webflow time and money, while ensuring smooth onboarding for a better employee experience.

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