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Sep 18, 2017

The Boundless Team

A little under a year ago, we set out to provide a solution to the question, “Why is the immigration process so hard?” The answer always came back to information, or lack thereof. “What am I eligible for?” “Which forms do I need and how do I complete them accurately?” “How long does it take and how much does it cost?” “What if…” followed by innumerable nuances and concerns.

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Government websites often created more questions than answers; lawyers were often too expensive for many people.

As we worked with families, immigration attorneys, community groups, and government experts, we realized that Boundless had to be more than just a form-filling service. To provide families with clarity and confidence, we had to be a true partner and guide for the entire journey.

So we went to work. We invested in building an extensive resource library that covers common immigration concerns with clarity. We translated complex government forms into easy-to-understand questions that can be completed online in under two hours. We established an independent lawyer review process so that a real attorney is affordably engaged to ensure application completeness and answer families’ unique questions. We designed the best ready-to-mail application package you’ve ever seen. We will stay with the family until the hoped-for day when the green card is delivered, providing proactive updates and interview preparation along the way.

The full green card package, as prepared by Boundless

The full green card package, as prepared by Boundless

And tying it all together is our flat-rate pricing policy and satisfaction guarantee. There are no surprise upcharges or hidden fees, no gotchas or secret fine print (we even translated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy into language people can understand). We provide a full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied.

And we’re proud to report that families have been satisfied. Since June, we have been running a private early-access program for marriage-based green cards, opening our platform up to a small group of couples around the country. The feedback from that program has been so uniformly positive (“12 out of 10,” “I love it”) that we knew it was time to lift the limit on the number of families who participate. That is why I am proud to announce that starting today, every couple can go to to start (and likely finish) their marriage-based green card application.

There is still much for us to do — helping families navigate other green card categories, naturalization, even whatever program Congress hopefully enacts to replace DACA. But for now, for marriage-based green cards, I firmly believe that there is not a better solution anywhere. We can’t wait to welcome you into the Boundless family.

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