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Boundless Featured Nonprofit: API Chaya

May 30, 2019

Logo for API Chaya

At Boundless, immigrants come first, and we want to give visibility to organizations that share our mission and values. That’s why we’ve decided to occasionally feature one nonprofit organization whose work we admire and donate $250 to their cause as a token of our appreciation and support.

Every now and then, a different Boundless team member will select a nonprofit that helps to improve the lives of immigrants in the United States.

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Customer Success Advocate Lexi Potter chose API Chaya as the latest Boundless Featured Nonprofit. Learn about API Chaya and why it holds a special place in Lexi’s heart:

About API Chaya

Domestic violence knows no boundaries, either geographical or gender-based. Recognizing this, API Chaya reaches out to “educate and mobilize South Asian, Asian, Pacific Islander, and all immigrant communities” in its mission to prevent systemic domestic and sexual violence, exploitation, and human trafficking.

The Seattle-based nonprofit was founded in the 1990s as the “Asian Pacific Islander Women and Family Safety Center” (APIWFSC) before merging in 2011 with an organization called “Chaya,” meaning “shelter” or “shade” in Sanskrit. Today, the organization is known as “API Chaya.”

Putting its mission into action, API Chaya engages directly with historically marginalized groups, such as women, immigrants, and LGBTQ survivors of gender-based violence and human trafficking. In this effort, trained volunteers are available on a confidential, toll-free helpline. API Chaya also counsels survivors on how to access resources and services — from housing to legal and immigration assistance to food, mental health, and financial guidance. Other services include formal support groups scheduled throughout the year to provide healing interactions that help survivors recover.

To further expand awareness, API Chaya engages community groups to educate and organize its members and to change attitudes fueling domestic violence and human trafficking.

Why I chose API Chaya — by Lexi Potter

I first learned about API Chaya when they approached the International Examiner, a nonprofit community newspaper I previously worked for. At the time, API Chaya was looking for ways to raise awareness about its innovative work and history serving the Asian-Pacific Islander (API) community.

After learning more about API Chaya’s approach, I was really impressed by its work to address violence in all areas of society. As all organizations do, API Chaya has a specific mission statement. But I personally conceptualize its work as empowering each of us to become the most peaceful, best versions of ourselves.

That’s why API Chaya stands out to me among the organizations I support. In addition to API Chaya’s excellent individual services, they take a systemic view of violence that seeks to include the entire community. API Chaya doesn’t demonize perpetrators but instead recognizes and educates the community about the structures that lead to the perpetuation of violence. They focus on how we can heal together.

Keep up the great work, API Chaya!

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