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H-1B Occupation List

Learn which occupations qualify for the H-1B work visa

H-1B Visa Sample

Which Occupations Qualify for the H-1B Visa?

The H-1B visa is a popular non-immigrant visa that allows U.S. employers to temporarily employ qualified foreign workers in “specialty occupations.” To be eligible for an H-1B visa, the prospective international employee must meet certain requirements, such as educational qualifications, and the position they’re applying for must be considered a specialty occupation.

In this guide, we’ll cover some basics about specialty occupations and provide a complete list of which occupations qualify for the H-1B work visa.


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Understanding Specialty Occupations

In the context of the H-1B visa system, a “specialty occupation” refers to a job that requires a specific set of specialized skills, knowledge, and educational qualifications. The H-1B visa is designed for foreign workers who will be employed in positions that typically require a higher level of education or expertise in a specific field. To qualify as a specialty occupation, the job must meet certain criteria:

  • Educational Requirement: The nature of the position must necessitate at least a bachelor’s degree or higher in a specific field of study. The foreign worker must possess the required educational credentials or their equivalent.
  • Specialized Knowledge: The job should involve tasks and responsibilities that require specialized knowledge or expertise in a particular field. This could include professions such as IT specialists, engineers, scientists, healthcare professionals, and others with specialized skills (see our full list of H1B visa sponsorship jobs below). 
  • Complexity of Duties: The duties associated with the position should be complex and specialized, making it essential for the employee to have advanced knowledge and skills in the relevant field.


Positions that are more routine or do not require advanced degrees or specialized knowledge may not qualify as specialty occupations.

The employer filing the H-1B petition is responsible for demonstrating that the position meets the criteria for a specialty occupation. This often involves providing detailed information about the job duties, educational requirements, and the qualifications of the foreign worker. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) assesses this information during the visa application process to determine whether the position qualifies for H-1B status.

One of the most common mistakes sponsoring employers make during the H-1B process is failing to prove a position qualifies as a speciality occupation. For tips on how to write a strong job description when hiring a foreign worker, check out Boundless’ guide

It’s important for employers and H-1B applicants to carefully review the specific requirements for a specialty occupation and enlist the help of immigration experts to ensure compliance with H-1B visa regulations. Explore Boundless’ business immigration solutions here.

List of H-1B Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Here is a list of some of the most commonly accepted occupations under the H-1B visa program:

  • IT Professionals
  • Computer Scientists
  • Systems Analysts/Business Technology Analysts 
  • Engineers 
  • University Professors/Teachers 
  • Secondary Education Teachers 
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Physicians
  • Surgeons 
  • Nurses
  • Dentists 
  • Psychologists
  • Scientists
  • Financial Analysts 
  • Accountants
  • Management Consultants 
  • Market Research Analysts 
  • Marketing Professionals 
  • Lawyers
  • Legal Advisors
  • Architects 
  • Journalists 
  • Editors
  • Technical Writers 
  • Publishers
  • Publicists 
  • Public Relations Specialists

NOTE: This list includes common speciality occupations you can apply for under the H-1B visa. It may be possible to apply for a position not included on this list, as long as it meets the qualifications of a speciality occupation and other H-1B eligibility requirements. Be sure to consult an immigration expert to see whether your prospective position may qualify for an H-1B visa. Learn more about how Boundless’ business immigration team can help.

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