Scaffolded Questions

Boundless questions are tied directly to the learning objective that they assess. Questions are categorized according to Bloom's Taxonomy so they can be scaffolded to help students gain mastery over the material. Students can improve their understanding of a concept by working their way up through more complex questions.

Question Authoring

Use state-of-the-art question authoring software powered by Learnosity to author your own questions in our platform. You can create over fifty question types, from standard multiple choice to more complex ordering and matching questions. All of our question types come with image, equation, and video embed capability.

Custom Quizzes

Draw from each subject’s bank of thousands of existing multiple-choice questions to create your own quizzes. You can even add in your own questions on the fly with our quiz editor.

Ready to Go

Chapter quizzes can be assigned with one click of a button directly from your Boundless textbook, with all the questions that cover the learning objectives in that chapter. Quiz assignments can also be brought in directly to your LMS platform. We integrate fully with Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, and Moodle.

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