Regarding the Public Charge Rule

IMPORTANT UPDATE — MARCH 9, 2021: Both the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) public charge rule and the Department of State (DOS) public charge policy are currently not in effect. The DHS rule was halted on March 9, 2021, while the DOS policy was paused indefinitely on July 29, 2020. This page reflects those policies, which initially took effect on Feb. 24, 2020, and will not be immediately updated according to the previous, longstanding guidance issued in 1999. Learn more.

Hello everyone,

This is Xiao, CEO at Boundless.

You probably landed here because you’re concerned about the public charge rule — a recent immigration policy change that makes the marriage green card process harder for many applicants.

We’ve done extensive coverage on the public charge rule — what it means, whom it applies to. The bottom line is, if you’re applying for a marriage green card, what used to be a 200- to 300-page application has now doubled in length.

This policy update requires new forms, more information from you and your spouse, and a lot more detailed documentation, such as that about your education and health history going back a decade. With the added complexity, you can expect to receive your Boundless application package 5–6 weeks after you upload all required documents. For comparison, individual law firms often take 2–3 months to complete this process.

We know this may sound ominous. If it’s any comfort, please know the public charge rule change does not mean your application will be denied, even if some of the new factors are not in your favor. The new rule is an update to the holistic set of criteria all applications are judged by. This is the new norm. You are among at least 1 million families in the United States, plus millions more outside the United States, whose applications will be considered under the new standards. You are not alone.

So why trust us with your application?

We have a deep and unparalleled understanding of the policy.

We were one of the first and loudest voices to publicly speak out against the public charge rule. We spearheaded an amicus brief to explain to the courts why this rule is harmful toward immigrants and American businesses.

We are uniquely positioned as a hub of legal knowledge.

Traditional law firms tend to serve clients within a small geographical area and therefore have limited insight as to how immigration policies are enforced outside of their locality.

At Boundless, we work with a country-wide network of independent attorneys. We leverage their collective expertise to make the best decisions for our customers. This, combined with the high volume of customers we serve (more than any individual law firm handles), lends us a unique bird’s-eye view of how immigration policies are applied on a far wider scale. The public charge rule change has no legal precedent. In these times of uncertainty, we are stronger with our combined knowledge.

We urge you to get a head start on your application by answering questions and uploading the documents you have on hand. The Boundless process is collaborative in nature, with multiple legal reviews and quality-assurance steps built in to ensure accuracy and completeness. We will be your partner through this whole process, supporting you every step of the way.

Xiao Wang

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