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Map of Family-Sponsored Immigrants In the United States

Nov 26, 2019

This map shows the home state for most immigrants with recently obtained green cards. You can click to see detailed numbers on which green card categories were used within a particular state.

Not surprisingly, the most populous states have the most permanent residents: California, Florida, Texas, and New York.

Perhaps more surprisingly, many states in the Northwest and Midwest have a comparable number of immigrants who obtained a green card for refugees and asylees vs. a family-sponsored green card.

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The next map focuses only on family-sponsored green cards. You can click to see detailed numbers for the top 10 countries of origin within a particular state.

While Mexico is the top country of origin for family-sponsored immigrants in most states, the top spot is held by the Dominican Republic in much of the Northeast, and there is a surprising degree of variation across the country. For example:

State Top country of origin
Alaska Philippines
Connecticut Jamaica
Delaware India
Maine Vietnam
Maryland Nigeria
Michigan Yemen
Minnesota Ethiopia
Ohio India
Pennsylvania Dominican Republic
Virginia El Salvador

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