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Why trust Boundless?

Boundless helps couples complete their marriage green card application online with ease and peace of mind. Your complete marriage-based green card application package will include all of the forms and supporting documents that you’ll need, depending on your situation.

The Clarity You Deserve

Boundless takes all the required government forms needed to apply for a green card through marriage and turns them into simple questions you can answer online — usually in under 2 hours. Boundless makes it easy to complete your marriage green card application and avoid common pitfalls.

Support from an Independent Lawyer

You get the confidence of an independent immigration lawyer who will review all of your marriage green card application materials and answer any questions you have — for no additional fee! Online chat is available for quick answers about how to apply for a marriage green card.

Never Worry About Paperwork

We mail the entire marriage green card application package to your doorstep, ready for you to sign and send to the correct government address. We even provide the envelope and cover the shipping fee. We supply the support and online tools needed to apply for a marriage green card. It’s never been easier than with Boundless.

Spread Your Payments

Qualified customers can begin the marriage green card application process today and pay Boundless over a period of 2–12 months — with no interest or fees. You can pay as little as $63 per month! Learn more.

We've got the forms covered

Everything you need to apply for a green card through marriage.

Marriage Green Card

For spouses applying in the U.S.

If you are a spouse applying for a green card from within the United States, your complete Boundless filing package will include all of the following forms that you’ll need to work, travel, and ultimately obtain your green card:

Marriage Green Card

For spouses applying from abroad

If you are a spouse applying for a green card from abroad, your initial Boundless filing package for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will include all of the following required forms:

Boundless will also help guide you (at no extra charge) through the forms that will be required by the U.S. Department of State, typically 7-10 months later:

Worried about which immigration forms you need to complete? Not sure which number corresponds with which form? Don’t be. With Boundless, you simply answer a series of questions — usually within a couple of hours — and the completed forms arrive at your doorstep, ready for you to sign. Applying for a U.S. green card through marriage has never been easier.

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What they’re saying about Boundless

It was a great experience! Simple, easy, cost-effective; I honestly don’t see anything you could improve.

Charmay from the Philippines

Our lawyer was really great and super responsive... And there was no extra fee. I have already recommended Boundless to others.

Jonathan from Chile

I would gladly spend that money again to have someone put that together for me. I think you did a great job!

Mariana from Ecuador

Our Customers Say It Best

The following reviews are from real Boundless customers. We're honored to have helped these couples build their lives together.


2 years ago

The whole process was easy to understand and follow. Uploading documents and answering questions online worked perfectly, your fees were very reasonable, and the timeframe was perfect. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give you guys a 20.


12 months ago

“In my experiences dealing with immigration and all kinds of government offices, the green card experience with Boundless was a lot easier and faster than anything I’ve dealt with so far. I was very happy with it, compared to everything else.”


1 year ago

I could trust exactly what I needed to do just by following your instructions instead of spending hours of my life on research, guesswork — the stress of figuring it all out ourselves... When we had any questions, we used the chat service. Everyone that we reached out to on your end was very quick at responding, and the information that they gave to us was given very clearly.


1 year ago

The immigration officer at the U.S. embassy commented on the packet and said it was the most organized packet she had ever seen. It was so great for us to pull out the little clip and sign here and there where the numbers were. I’m a bit OCD, so the organization was pretty amazing and satisfying to see.


1 year ago

I have already recommended Boundless to people! I really liked your chat support as we were going through the application questions. At one point, I had a general question about how the government defines address history, and instead of having to do more research myself, the live chat was very helpful. And with you guys, we got to ask an immigration lawyer all the remaining specific questions we had. I’m happy with our decision.