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Is Adjustment of Status Right For You?

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Is the Adjustment of Status (Green Card) Process Right For You?

The adjustment of status process allows certain non-U.S. citizens within the United States to apply for lawful permanent residency — also known as a green card — without having to leave the U.S. The process is typically used by individuals who entered the U.S. on a temporary visa, such as a student or work visa, and wish to become permanent residents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Adjustment of Status

Who is eligible to apply?

You can qualify for a family-based green card as the spouse of a U.S. citizen or green card holder. To use AOS, you must have used a valid visa or the Visa Waiver Program for your most recent entry to the United States. Most applicants must be in lawful status when they first apply, even if their visa later expires before the process is complete.

How long does the AOS process take?

The processing timeline for an AOS marriage-based green card application currently averages 9.3 months.  Processing times can vary based on your specific situation.

How much does it cost to apply?

The current total cost for the AOS marriage-based green card process is $3005. These fees do not reflect additional costs, such as translating and photocopying your documents and obtaining required documents such as your birth certificate.

What forms do I need to submit?

First, the U.S. citizen sponsor will need to file Form I-130 (officially called the “Petition for Alien Relative”). Next, the green card applicant will complete the adjustment of status application (Form I-485). You may also want to file requests for a work permit and “advance parole” travel document so that you can work and travel while your green card is pending.

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