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How Much Does a K-1 Visa Cost?

Government fees and other common expenses for the fiancé visa application

How much does it cost to apply for a K-1 visa?

The K-1 visa — also known as a fiancé visa — allows an engaged partner of a U.S. citizen to enter the United States, as long as the couple gets married no more than 90 days later.

The government filing fees for getting a K-1 visa is $800 or $2380 for the K-1 visa and the “Adjustment of Status” form required to transfer from a K-1 visa to a marriage green card after arriving in the United States. This does not include the typical cost of the required medical exam, which varies by provider.

Important Update: K-1 Visa Costs Increase April 1, 2024

On January 31, 2024, USCIS confirmed that filing fees for most immigration forms will increase on April 1, 2024. Costs will increase for nearly every visa category, including K-1 visas. Form I-129F (Petition for Alien Fiancé(e)), will jump from $535 to $675 (a 26% increase). To get an estimate of your 2024 K-1 costs and learn more about the fee hike, check out Boundless’ guide.

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Mandatory Fees

The following chart breaks down both the fees you must pay directly to the government — in most cases, that’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Fee typeCost
K-1 visa petition (Form I-129F)$675
U.S. State Department processing (Form DS-160)$265
Medical examination*Varies
Adjustment of status form (Form I-485)$1440
Biometrics for Form I-485$85

*The most typical cost for a medical exam is around $200, but this amount can vary significantly by provider. Boundless customers have reported prices ranging from $100 to $500. Our detailed guide to preparing for the medical exam has more information.


USCIS offers a $50 discount for online filing. This means you’ll pay $50 less than the typical filing fee if you file your green card application forms online, rather than by mail.

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Other Potential Costs

Beyond direct government fees and the medical exam fee, there are other green card costs to keep in mind:

Vaccination fees: Should your medical exam require it, you may need to update your vaccinations before receiving your completed medical examination report. Like medical exam fees, vaccination costs will vary by provider.

Translation services fees: If your K-1 visa application package includes any documents in a language other than English, you must also include a translation of each document, certified as accurate by the translator. The cost of these services will vary — for example, a certified translation of a one-page birth certificate might range between $20 and $40.

Document fees: As part of the green card application process, you will be asked to submit digital or physical copies of supporting documents, such as a birth certificate and passport. You will also need to bring the original copies when attending your final K-1 visa interview. Government agencies generally charge fees for issuing certain official documents.

Professional photography fees: To verify your identity and conduct background checks, the U.S. government will ask you to submit two recent 2-inch-by-2-inch photographs, which will vary in price by service provider. Although you are allowed to take your own photos, it’s generally advisable to use a professional photography service.

Travel expenses: The U.S. government will not reimburse you for any expenses that you incur when you attend your medical exam or your interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate. The same is true if you must travel to various government agencies to obtain official documents.

Shipping costs: At different stages of the K-1 visa application process, you will pay nominal charges for postage and mailing of your application and supporting documents.

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