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We’re Boundless, the #1 Family Immigration Company in the U.S.

An immigration law firm designed for you.

  • Attorneys and Visa Officers review your specific case, for the best chance at success.
  • Modern technology provides personalized service at one-third the price.
  • 99.97% success rate — visa approval or your money-back.

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10+ years of approvals. 70,000+ successful applications. We’re more than a law firm or technology company, we’re your immigration partner.

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Why trust Boundless?

We have a 99.97% success rate, a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating, and offer extensive expertise from attorneys and former visa officers.

Instead of having to do more research myself, the live chat was very helpful. We got to ask an immigration lawyer all the remaining specific questions we had.

Jonathan & Madeline
Green card approved August 14, 2018
I would highly recommend someone use your service because you hold their hand and tell them what needs to be done.

John & Vasima
Green card approved June 11, 2018

Our track record is clear

Praised by customers and visa officers. Our success rate is 99.97%.

We’ve been featured in the news


You answer simple questions online, and we check them 4 times.

We turn all the required government forms into simple questions you can answer online at your convenience. Afterward, we run your application through 4 separate quality checks to ensure the highest accuracy before it’s filed.

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Attorney expertise included.

For no additional fee, you get an experienced independent immigration attorney who will review your entire application package to ensure it’s ready to be filed. Our in-house law firm, which is part of the Utah Sandbox, ensures you immigrate with top-rated lawyer support, not lawyer prices.

In the meantime, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.


Affordable monthly payments, even for government fees

Flexible payment plans let you start now and pay later. Pay your government filing costs and Boundless fees on your own schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Boundless a legitimate company?

Yes! We understand your skepticism. Immigration is daunting enough.

Boundless is a Seattle-based company started by a team of immigrants and experts. We’ve been featured in The New York Times, NBC News, Univision, and more . We are an A+ Better Business Bureau-accredited company and the proud recipient of the BBB’s 2018 “Business of the Year” award.

In 2020, RapidVisa became part of Boundless. Our main RapidVisa office is located in Las Vegas and has been helping reunite 60,000+ families for more than a decade. RapidVisa has been featured in Fast Company, Newsweek, and The Washington Post, among others.

In 2022, we built an in-house law firm, with the support of the Utah Supreme Court—which allows lawyers to offer nontraditional legal services under the supervision of the Utah Supreme Court. (Read our Utah Sandbox authorization letter and application.)

You can reach us via phone, email , and live chat. You’ll always talk to a real person when you contact us.

How do you have a 99.97% success rate?

In order to maintain such a high success rate for our customers, our technology completes all relevant forms precisely and we review your application 4 separate times for the highest possible quality to ensure it's ready to file.

First, we check your forms to make sure they're complete and accurate. Second, we help you upload all your supporting documents and then review each of them to make sure they meet U.S. government requirements and standards. Third, we run a thorough quality assurance check to cross reference your forms to your supporting documents, ensuring everything matches up. Last, we pass your application to an independent attorney in our network who reviews your entire application package one last time to make sure nothing was missed, as well as to check for any potential legal issues.

Once your application's ready to file, we print and assemble it in exactly the way that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) prefers and ship everything to you.

What happens after Boundless sends my application to the government?

Sending your immigration application package is only the first step. Depending on your situation, it could take 10 months to over 3 years for the government to process a green card, or 8 months to 19 months for the entire K-1 visa process. Boundless stays with you the whole time, helping you keep on top of next steps, such as the in-person interview, additional forms, and every other important milestone along the way.

How much does all of this cost?

Our costs vary by visa type and you can pay over time. These flat rates cover your complete application package—including legal and customer support. You can pay our fee in full, or in monthly installments with one of our payment plan providers. Boundless also lets you simplify the payment process and pay your Boundless fees and government fees at the same time. We'll help you calculate your exact government fees and when it comes time to file, we'll write the check to the government for you.

If your petition is denied by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) we will refund 100% of our services fees, minus attorney fees. Learn more about our guarantee.

When do I consult with my independent attorney?

After a comprehensive quality review by a Boundless application guide, an independent immigration attorney conducts a thorough legal review, providing written feedback on your application. You’ll work with them to update any last pieces of your application before we print and ship it to you. To learn more, meet some of our independent attorneys.